Table Tennis Table Guide

(5 Tables at $500 – $1000)

Buying a table tennis table in the $500 – $1000 price range pretty much guarantees that you’ll find something high quality. Table tennis equipment manufacturers all have products in this competitive range.

5 Recommended Tables at US$500 – $1000

Table Tennis Table GuideButterfly Premium Rollaway

(around US$900)

A strong, sturdy and sleek ping pong table manufactured by one of the most renowned producers.


Killerspin MyT-O outdoor table tennis table review - best selling tables - Table Tennis Table GuideKillerspin MyT-O Outdoor

(around US$900)

Justifiably a top-selling table. A delight to play with durable construction, high portability, and a quality playing surface. It looks fabulous too!


Kettler Stockholm table tennis table - Table Tennis Table GuideKettler Stockholm

(around US$550 indoor & $800 outdoor)

Compact, sleek, high quality and highly versatile. A very popular table.


Cornilleau Sport 300 table tennis table review - Table Tennis Table GuideCornilleau Sport 300

(approx US$800 and US$1,000)

Indoor and outdoor versions. A solid offering from Cornilleau, quality and good value.


Stiga STS 275 table tennis table review - Table Tennis Table GuideStiga STS 275

(approx US$650)

A good looking, durable table, ideal for those with rough-and-tumble kids.

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Typically in this price range you’ll find products, all below $1,000, made with good quality materials, and the build quality will be higher than those of value ping pong tables (below $500), and most importantly you will find the playing surface of these tables gives consistency and helps bring out the best in your game.

Any table listed in our above will serve you well, be built to last, and give you a table to be proud of.

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